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Next Production at the Octagon

Bill Fenton from Whangarei Repertory Society Inc

Storm in a Bottle is the next offering from the crew at the Octagon. Bookings open on April 29th. Don't miss this intriguing locally written drama.

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2 days ago

Could the jury service process be improved?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Every year, thousands of New Zealanders are called up to serve as jurors in the High and District Courts, and it's an important way to contribute to your country.

But for some, jury service can be a huge disruption and a financial burden. Do you think changes could be made to our jury service system to address these challenges?

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The riddles keep coming!

Riddles from The Neighbourly Riddler

A pair which you will cut and that begins and ends with ‘S’. Do you know what it is?

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Celebrating heritage

NZ Lotto

Funds raised by Lotto New Zealand players fuels growth of Hakaru community hall

From joyous celebrations like weddings and birthdays, to solemn gatherings for farewells; Hakaru Community Hall stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of its community.

The hall has been the heart of Hakaru for nearly a century and recently underwent a refresh to meet the changing needs of the community with funding support from Te Puna Tahua Lottery Grants Board.

“The grant has been huge in helping us make improvements, including the installation of a new entrance and upgrading of some of our older amenities,” says Secretary Dennis Reeve.

Over the years, the Hall has witnessed generations come together in times of happiness and sorrow and symbolises more than just a space, it’s a bond that unites the Hakaru community.

The grant also recently helped the hall committee to expand its offerings from hosting dance, yoga, and pilates classes to providing a space for local musicians to practice.

With every step forward, Hakaru Hall is committed to fostering connection, culture, and community spirit for another century to come with the help of local grants.

This is just one of the incredible causes keeping our heritage alive, with 100% of Lotto New Zealand’s profits going back to support thousands of great causes all over Aotearoa. So, every time you play any Lotto New Zealand game, it’s a win for our communities.

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