37 days ago

Poll: What do you think of a school calling police on a boy who shot a toy gun?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Paihia School called police after a boy shot a toy plastic gun on the playground. The boy's mother says the treatment was over the top but the ministry says it was correct. What do you think?

What do you think of a school calling police on a boy who shot a toy gun?
  • 21.6% It's unfair; it was just a toy
    21.6% Complete
  • 35.1% It's reasonable; even toy guns should not be tolerated
    35.1% Complete
  • 37.8% The school should have explained its gun policy before doing this
    37.8% Complete
  • 5.4% Other (please explain in comments below)
    5.4% Complete
37 votes
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5 minutes ago

Springs Flat

Peter Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

Does anyone have an idea just *what* is going on with SH1 in Springs Flat? The road surface is disintegrating after recent 'resealing'. There are truckloads of loose stone chip floating around, I bet it's cost a fair few new windscreens by now (in fact I'm wondering why the insurance industry hasn't made a hue and cry about it yet!!)

It's disgraceful. Who is responsible for fixing this mess? NZTA? WDC?

But somebody really has to DO something.

4 days ago

Medical centre

Cushla from Tikipunga

How many people who are clients of Kensington Health formerly Primecare know that too get an appointment when you become ill overnite you have too ask for an Accute appointment???? I bet not many and we are never told that by the receptionist!!!

1 hour ago

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