40 days ago

How dry is it where you live?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

A spate of fires since New Year's Day has prompted fire fighters to consider a total fire ban from next week. They say a lack of rain and drying winds has dried up the ground. What is it like where you are? Are you hanging out for rain?

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13 days ago

Plant identification

Ian from Parua Bay / Whangarei Heads

Does anyone know what this plant is?

36 minutes ago

What's On: Whangarei Film Society

Geoff from Central Whangarei

The Farewell. A family in America plans a fake wedding in China as an excuse to all visit their grandmother who has not yet been told that she's dying.
Whangarei Film Society
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8 days ago

Contact wanted

Adelle from Central Whangarei

Hello All.
Sorry to use the site this way but I am looking to contact the gentleman with the pug service dog. If you know him and he is not a member could you ask him to contact Adelle Smith at adelletania@yahoo.com or private message me here. We spoke at Kmart with a hearing dog.