182 days ago

Northbound Driver Reviver Stop Uretiti

Ian Crayton-Brown from Northland Road Safety

Northbound Driver Reviver Stop Friday midday to approx 5pm SH1, Uretiti - Drive Fresh - Drive Safe

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10 days ago

Q Anon Revolution happening on youtube/twitter and social media in general

Sandy from Central Whangarei

I was wondering if anyone else is following Q Anon, Trump and the deep state take down at all. Its riveting. New Zealand has played a role with our adopted computer nerd extrordinaire Kim Dot Com helping copy the internet and get proof that the super rich people have been messing with us, common law is a real thing, the governments have sold us as chattel and the proof is our birth certificates. Millions of children go missing every year (to where?????) never to be found, famous people are being "triggered"on camera as mind control victims having full breakdowns and talking gibberish, the mainstream media and television in general are brain wiping the masses along with aluminum & fluoride - the main ingredient in prozac, makes people docile - in the water. And it all comes to a head at the end of May. I'm really sorry if anyone reading this likes hillary clinton or barrack obama because this will end in jail or possibly even the gallows for treason against america. Hillary Clintons chief of staff John Podesta is the exact match of the identikit sketch of the kidnapper of madeline mccarne and all of these people have been taken to gitmo, questioned then released as they gave up someone higher up.
It has been said that 60% of the crimes of the deep state, the people seen on the t.v. as leaders will not become public as 1/3 of gun violence in america is actually sicudes (spelt wrong on purpose. its a rap thing) and if the full truth was known people will freak out and take their own lives in droves. So there have been discussions on here of whats on peoples minds. This is on 20 million peoples minds and I thought I would try and enlighten my neighbours so when it starts to go off, you had a heads up. I am fully awake and its a lot for my massive brain to handle. So many criminals in power, shaking hands and kissing babies on the news. If you see someone famous on the news calling Trump an idiot expect to find out they should be in jail. He who shouts loudest is hiding something. Let me know what you have heard (i searched Neighbourly. No hits so maybe I'm the first post on this subject)

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