46 days ago

Stay safe

Glen from Central Whangarei

I went to Pohe Island Skate Park yesterday - love the facilities, excellent for our community. I love what is being developed.
I became disabled after suffering a head injury from a bike accident. It was terribly disappointing to see at least 30% of kids at the skate park not wearing helmets.
So, I have co-created this safety sign which I think should be used at all skate parks and BMX tracks.

One injured child is one too many.



Kia Kaha

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20 hours ago

Poll: Which is your preferred method of inducing sleep?

Marketing Manager from Beds 4 U Whangarei

Choose an option below, or if not listed in the options then comment below what your routine is before going to bed to get a good night's sleep!

Which is your preferred method of inducing sleep?
  • 28.1% Listen to soothing music
    28.1% Complete
  • 56.3% Read a book
    56.3% Complete
  • 7.8% Meditate
    7.8% Complete
  • 7.8% Have a cup of chamomile tea
    7.8% Complete
64 votes
15 hours ago

Special Olympics Give a Little

Stephen & Maria from Central Whangarei

Help get our Whangarei Special Olympic swimmers to our National Summer Games held in Hamilton in December 2021. givealittle.co.nz...

16 hours ago

15 things we don't know about transport

Oliver Neighbourly Lead from One Tree Point

Research shows that not enough of us connect our car use with our carbon footprint, and driving less is likely to be one of the best and easiest ways we can reduce our carbon footprint.
The trouble is — we really, really love our cars. Collectively, Kiwis drive 49 billion kilometres (the equivalent of 1.2 million times round the planet) every year.
Check out these interesting facts about the impact of transport on climate change (click here to download the full-size PDF infographic).