117 days ago

Contact wanted

Adelle from Central Whangarei

Hello All.
Sorry to use the site this way but I am looking to contact the gentleman with the pug service dog. If you know him and he is not a member could you ask him to contact Adelle Smith at adelletania@yahoo.com or private message me here. We spoke at Kmart with a hearing dog.

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Kristi Neighbourly Lead from Tikipunga

Give Terry call for Watts Moving on 027 8611002

5 days ago

Small load furniture removal in Whangarei.

Estelle from Raumanga

Any recommendations?

1 day ago

Scam email?

Patricia from Kamo

Just received an email from 18669972211 <david@uwaterloo.ca> with the subject Audio::Audio::from (866) 997-2211 on 3 June, 2020.
There is an attachment AudioMeassage.html.
I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole and I suggest you don't either!