53 days ago

speeding and noisey cars

Kelvin from Hikurangi Coastal

We are having a problem with people speeding and noisey cars traveling through Hikurangi.What can be done as polce cannot do a thing about it

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6 hours ago

Saving a bird

Glen from Central Whangarei

Just a nice story yesterday I was putting my car away into my double garage, it was hot in the garage I reversed in got out of the car and saw a baby thrush at the rear window of the garage.

So started a ten-minute struggle to try to save the thrush as it flies from window to window, I talked to it good boy I was saying. after ten minutes it flew straight at me.

It landed on my shoulder I walked or hobbled outside the bird stayed on my shoulder I picked it off my shoulder gave it a bowl of water. It drank water and after another ten minutes, it flew off. So good😁

7 hours ago
18 days ago

What did you do with your Christmas tree?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

The big cats at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary have been rubbing against, chewing up and lying on old Christmas trees donated to the park. Is there a better way to use Christmas trees after the big day? What did you do with your Christmas tree?