29 days ago

Ibuprofen 800 mg causing vision loss?

Glen from Central Whangarei

I get gout which is a long term issue the doctors have had me taking Ibuprofen 800 mg twice a day for years. I got wise and brought some red cherries. now one month free of Ibuprofen 800 mg biggest change is my eyesight has improved I can now easily read the subtitles on the telly.
Google Ibuprofen 800 mg side effects, the first listed is vision changes.

Works for me red cherries instead of Ibuprofen 800 mg

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6 hours ago

WATCH: How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara

The Team from Play Stuff

Play Stuff Short Doco: When New Zealand gave two young Chinese refugees citizenship in the 1940’s they found an unlikely way to return the gift – by saving the almighty kumara. Watch now

6 hours ago

Recommendations to put up a small fence, please.

Jo from Maunu

Hi I need someone to build a fence.
I don't need a qualified builder because it's just a small area of fence, so wondering if anyone could recommend someone with the skills to do that, who is also reasonably priced, please? Thanks

2 hours ago

E-waste recycling at OfficeMax

Oliver Neighbourly Lead from One Tree Point

I routinely check WDC's recycling page for new or updated information. During my last check a few days ago I was very surprised to read that OfficeMax now accept certain types of electronic waste (e-waste) free of charge (see the "e-Waste" section at the bottom of the page). I couldn't quite believe it, so I visited OfficeMax today and asked them about it - and it's true! Brian, one of their (very friendly) staff even gave me a guided tour, explained the collection process to me, and showed me some stats how much was diverted from landfill in recent months. E-waste goes to Auckland, is separated, shredded and preprocessed there, collected, and then shipped overseas to specialist recyclers who recover between 95% and 99% of the materials, particularly the precious metals.
Kudos and BIG THANKS to OfficeMax for implementing this scheme. Please excuse the bad quality of the photo, which was taken in a bit of a hurry. OfficeMax also have a web page for this free service, which is called TechCollect.