143 days ago

Pet of the Day: Sam

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Hopefully this lovely picture will give you something to smile about on Christmas day. The proud dad is Gareth Ashurst.
"This is Sam, our nine weeks old, rescue kitten now living in Waikanae.
Kittens are supposed to sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day....I think Sam needs a new clock as he never sleeps anywhere close to this and seems to spends all day running round at top speed!"
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5 days ago

Poll: Do you support Wellington airport expanding?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Supporters say it will bring more people and money to the region, and create room for updated aviation technology as it advances. Opponents say it will mean more noise, pollution and climate emissions while the rest of the city works to reduce them."
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Do you support Wellington airport expanding?
  • 75.1% Yes
    75.1% Complete
  • 24.9% No
    24.9% Complete
1068 votes
5 hours ago

Home Insurance

Catherine from Karori

Hi Neighbours Insurance companies are apparently putting up Home Insurance in Wellington, right up to Palmerston North because of earthquakes. Have you had your’s put up yet in your annual renewal?

6 hours ago


Church Secretary from Wadestown Presbyterian Church

WPC's Open House is a popular monthly gathering for over 60's. There is always an interesting speaker and a delicious morning tea. Transport can be arranged if you need.
Next meeting : Thursday the 26th of May at 10.30am.
Ian Broom, one of the amazing musicians at Wadestown Presbyterian Church, has put together a selection of about 50 songs for us to choose from for a SING-ALONG. The words will be up on the screen and you will get opportunity to choose a song and perhaps share why you have chosen it.
And there might be a couple of other musical items that will be a surprise.

And in June there will be another musical feast from the Queen Margaret Girls’ College Cantata.

For more information, call Heather 04 472 7240 /027 300 8749
Open House- 10.30am, 4th Thursday of every month. Held by Wadestown Presbyterian Church in the WPC Hall (Hanover Street).