146 days ago

Local collection events - Amnesty and Buy-back

Social Media Advisor from New Zealand Police

Over the next three months New Zealanders have the opportunity to ensure that all prohibited firearms are removed out of our communities.

We know that the firearms community are good New Zealanders who want to do the right thing.

These local collection points are the opportunity to do just that.

We look forward to working with all our communities across Aotearoa as part of this journey.


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20 hours ago

Parcel incorect delivery address

John from Karori

Anybody know a John McDonald a parcel from Lancashire UK was delivered to my address as 99 Sunshine ave Karori it has 2 M long sleeve shirts in it would like the right person to have it thanks

11 days ago

Poll: How prepared are you for a quake and tsunami?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

About 1000 deaths, thousands of injuries and extensive destruction from Wellington up the east coast of the North Island - this will be the result of a tsunami triggered by an 8.9 earthquake in the Hikurangi subduction zone under a scenario presented by GNS Science.
The scenario, in a report prepared for the purpose of developing a response plan, is considered serious and credible, but comes with the obvious caveat that there is no way of telling what any earthquake or tsunami would look like. How prepared are you for a quake and tsunami?

How prepared are you for a quake and tsunami?
  • 13.2% I'm fully prepared
    13.2% Complete
  • 49.7% I'm kind of prepared
    49.7% Complete
  • 28.3% I'm not prepared at all
    28.3% Complete
  • 8.7% I don't care
    8.7% Complete
688 votes
3 days ago

Poll: Should Wellington city councillors get a free lunch?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

There's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you're a Wellington City councillor.
Six years after Andy Foster led moves as a councillor to scrap catered lunches at committee meetings - saving ratepayers $40,000 - the new mayor has now decided to reinstate them. He said the backflip followed pressure from councillors, while also promising to spend less on the midday spread than previous councils. "People felt when you didn't have lunches provided on days when you were working through [into the afternoon], councillors tended to disappear all over the place to get lunch. It reduced team bonding." What do you think- should councillors get lunch provided?

Should Wellington city councillors get a free lunch?
  • 5.8% Absoultely
    5.8% Complete
  • 25.5% Only if it's a modest spread
    25.5% Complete
  • 68.7% No way
    68.7% Complete
725 votes