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Have you experienced Readers Tours? We'd love your feedback

The Team from Readers Tours

If you have been on a journey with Readers Tours we would love to hear your feedback and share your experience with others.

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41 minutes ago

Use official news sources

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The effect of misinformation, myths and gossip can be stopped in its tracks if we all use official news sources. Myths can often be difficult to spot, so we encourage you to only use official news sources at this time https://covid19.govt.nz/.

2 days ago

How is your pet reacting to you being around all the time?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Coco follows her owner round the house all day, Buster has started barking at strangers, and Rover has already been walked by every member of the family today. Twice. Dogs are overjoyed to have humans home 24/7, but they're sensitive, and during times of human stress need special care. How are your pets coping?

3 days ago

LOCAL Supermarket

Ansar from Crofton Downs

Who is benifiting from Covid-19?
Our lOCAL Supermarket.
Hot cross bun on the right purchased on 25/3/20 on the left purchased 31/3/20 Price $4.99 See the difference in size!
My wife went to New World today to get Flour (Local supermarket did not have) BlueBird Chippies in Count down $2.20 RRP $2.19 New World $1.75
Magnum in Countdown. $8.00 RRP $7.49 NewWorld. $6.49
Fresh Garlic Before Lockdown $24.99 Now $44.00 Kg. In Countdown We do not know the price difference in other products. There are no specials in COUNTDOWN other supermarkets have specials.