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9 Home Cleaning Hacks Tested

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Wellington (The Wash House)

The internet is awash with natural cleaning hacks. We put them to the test.


The advice: Get rid of watermarks on wood by rubbing it with pieces of walnut (the nut not the shell).

How it worked: Vigorous rubbing was needed and we went through a few walnuts, but gradually the watermark disappeared. A quick polish with a clean cloth to finish it off.

Worth repeating? Yes, we were surprised at how well it worked, we even tried it on larger surfaces and it did the trick there too. | Rating: 5/5


The advice: Use a smear of olive oil (or similar) on a rag to clean fingerprints and grease smears off stainless steel appliances.

How it worked: Like a dream! It was easier and neater than using the spray-on stainless steel cleaner I have been buying from the supermarket. Trick is not to use too much, you just need the slightest smear...

Keep reading (with pictures: www.curtainclean.co.nz...)

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What's On: Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors

Lorna from Petone

Join us for a cup of tea, light lunch and make new friends. Free social gathering for seniors. No need to register. Transport may be available if needed, call 044996645.
Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors
  • Voglemorn Hall
3 hours ago

Watering restrictions have now been eased for Metropolitan Wellington and South Wairarapa

The Team from Wellington Water

We can now use sprinklers and irrigations systems to water our gardens! 🌼🌻
This is because watering restrictions have now been eased for Metropolitan Wellington and South Wairarapa 👏

“Community action in limiting water use, paired with the hot summer peak use period coming to an end, means we are confident about removing watering restrictions across the region” says Laurence Edwards, Chief Advisor Drinking Water.

Please continue to be mindful of water use as the rivers, lakes and aquifers recover. 💧

Please remember that alternate day, odds-evens watering still applies in Upper Hutt, and South Wairarapa as it does all year round.

1 day ago

Move to eventually get rid of pokies

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington City Council is moving to eventually gte rid of pokie machines in the city.
Barring any last-minute changes of heart, a Wellington City Council committee will agree to the policy, meaning all existing pokie machine venues can keep operating, but no new permits will be issued and, over time, this will theoretically lead to fewer gambling machines.
The "sinking lid policy" is being driven by Cr Tabatha Paul.
If the eventual drop-off in pokie machines led to community groups getting less funding, Paul said it would be time for the central government to step in.
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