29 days ago

Special Offer! Come race with Marlborough Dragons

Jim Luff from Marlborough Dragon Boat Club

Our first Regatta for the season is coming up on 8th December and we have a few spare seats in the race crew. If you would like to experience the excitement of Dragon Boat Racing then read on.

*** THE OFFER ***
Open to anyone in Marlborough (or afar if you are visiting). If you can make it to at least a couple of our regular Monday, Wednesday or Saturday trainings over the next 3 weeks (race day is no time to learn to paddle) then you can join us on our trip to the Ice Breaker Regatta, on Lake Pegasus, in the Pegasus Township, North Christchurch.

We will provide all the equipment, transport from Blenheim, accommodation and race entries. Traveling down on Saturday afternoon we will rest up for the evening at Pegasus Gateway Motel before race day on Sunday. 250m and 500m races are the call of the day. At the end of the exciting day of racing we will then tuck you up in the minibus with a well earned beverage and deliver you back to Blenheim ready to tell your workmates all about your awesome weekend. Don't worry about your fitness! Races are all done and dusted in around 2 minutes and its the very start of the season, no-one is really very fit.

Yes there is a cost. We have put together this entire package for only $110. Your only have to bring yourself and some food. Plus when you discover just how awesome this sport is and want to carry on we will give you 25% off your season fees.

Want more info or to register your interest them message us or ring or txt Jim 027 675 5533.

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12 hours ago

We’re adjusting the electorate boundaries

Electoral Commission

We’re adjusting our electorate boundaries for the next two general elections.

By making sure each electorate has about the same number of people, we can give all New Zealanders equal representation in Parliament. It’s all balance.
If we move one of your electorate boundaries, you could end up in a different electorate to the one you’re in now – so we show you what we’re proposing before we make any changes and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts.

Have your say now at vote.nz
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1 day ago

Are you a recent home buyer? or a retiree in your own home?

The team Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Hi Neighbourly - we're looking for a first-home buyer to talk about why it was their goal to buy a house and the reasons behind it (need to be willing to be pictured with it). We're also looking for a few people 50 years or older to talk about how important owning their own home is to their retirement goals

Can you help? Email susan.edmunds@stuff.co.nz

14 days ago

lost /stolen dogs from Dunedin

Linda from Blenheim

These dogs were seen tied to an old white van soon after they went missing some weeks ago.Was on seven sharp. Thought to be foreign perhaps German man and Asian lady in the van. The dogs have not been found. Please read the owners page Dice and Weeed facebook page and keep eyes open for them at freedom campers spots. All info to contact owners with any info no matter how irrelevant you may think it is. Could be anywhere in NZ