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David from Waikanae

We met up this morning with an elderly lady who we know well as she lives close by us. During our conversation she mentioned that her washing machine and dryer had stopped working recently and now has walk to the local laundromat. She is in her late 70 and uses a walker to get around and to make it worse she is looking after her handicap son. She has a sharp mind, great spirit, and both are lovely genuine people who have no family here in NZ. We are really hoping to find a good working replacement for them and we're willing to pay a small amount. Happy to pick up and we live in Waikanae. Thanks David 0223990742

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Does Kāpiti need a hospital?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

In 2017, more than 22,000 people signed a petition calling for a community hospital here on the coast.
Supporters said our growing population and a likelihood we'll be cut off from Wellington in a natural disaster warranted the service.
The petition was presented to Parliament last year but garnered no results.
What do you think? Is a hospital a necessity for Kāpiti or are medical services good enough as they are?
Should this become an issue for our electorate candidates in this year's election?
Please let us know what you think and remember to mark your post NFP if you don't want it appearing in print.

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Have you experienced Readers Tours? We'd love your feedback

The Team from Readers Tours

If you have been on a journey with Readers Tours we would love to hear your feedback and share your experience with others.

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The South Island Journey presented by The Press

The Team from Readers Tours

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