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Do you agree the Crusaders rugby team should keep their name?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) chairman Brent Impey has revealed the Crusaders will be keeping their name in 2020 after calls to change it in the wake of the Christchurch shootings on March 15.

The Crusaders name debate has been hotly disputed after the terrorist attack in Christchurch, where 51 people were killed after a gunman opened fire on Muslim worshippers in two mosques in the city.

The name-change pressure emerged because of the centuries-old sensitivity over the history of the Crusades, which were bloody medieval conflicts between Muslims and Christians.

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Poll: What is the top issue you want the local council to focus on?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The local elections are a great opportunity to decide on who we want to represent our communities over the next three years.

With elections just around the corner, this is a good time to pinpoint the issues that affect you and are important to you. Being clear on this is a first step in knowing what you want your local councillors to support or who to vote for. What are the issues you want your next local council to focus on?

What is the top issue you want the local council to focus on?
  • 38.5% Rates
    38.5% Complete
  • 11.5% Housing
    11.5% Complete
  • 15.4% Roads
    15.4% Complete
  • 5.1% Public transport
    5.1% Complete
  • 7.1% Water
    7.1% Complete
  • 7.1% Waste
    7.1% Complete
  • 3.8% Climate + environment
    3.8% Complete
  • 5.8% Infrastructure
    5.8% Complete
  • 5.8% Local facilities (like parks and libraries)
    5.8% Complete
156 votes
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Support a Kiwi dad this Father's Day

Julia de Ruiter from The Salvation Army NZ

Father's Day is just around the corner and for many Kiwi dads, getting a treat isn't an option due to the family's limited disposable income or being a solo dad. You can make Father's Day go further by donating a Father's Bundle to a Kiwi family for only $19.

At this time of year, we want to acknowledge all the dads in New Zealand who work hard to provide for their families - particularly the families who can't make ends meet. So, we created a bundle of goodies that these Kiwi dads will love! The bundle has some chicken, a chunky soup, an apple pie for the family to share, plus a chocolate bar (just for Dad)!