39 days ago

Can you imagine feeding 125 people every Friday?

The Team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Home-made devilled sausages and spaghetti bolognese was a delightful sight for Michelle Feehan who’s only had cereal all week.

The toasty meal was one of the 125 prepared by Shells Duncan and Desiree Beazley during their weekly routine of feeding the hungry in Hamilton.

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4 days ago

Show us your winter craft or DIY projects

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

When we are stuck inside, it can be a time to get creative. And we think Neighbourly members are quite a creative bunch. So, let's fill the Neighbourly newsfeed with crafty creations from across the country.

Share a photo below of your craft projects, recent DIY, or your hobby. You may just inspire someone else!

1 day ago

This riddle is a classic, neighbours, can you figure it out?

Riddler from The Neighbourly Riddler

You throw away the outside and cook the inside.
Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside.
What did you eat?

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1 day ago

Have you ever had a bad or awkward shopping experience?

Libby Totton Reporter from Waikato Times

Peter Oosthoek retired near Chartwell Shopping Centre for a one-stop shop for all his needs - but now he can’t go there.

The 66-year-old seeing impaired pensioner was trespassed while doing his fortnightly shopping at Woolworths on July 16.