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Meet your new neighbours, NZ Compare!

NZ Compare

We’re Kiwis helping Kiwis compare the many providers and plans across Power, Broadband and Money easy, safe and hassle free through our consumer focussed, comparison websites. 

Our service is free to use! Are you moving house or just wanting to know what your options are to save money or to get a better deal? You can trust NZ Compare to guide you in making a fully informed choice for your households needs.

Millions of consumers have used our sites and over 50,000 Kiwis have switched providers or plans with our help. 

Visit us to compare today or call our NZ based Customer Support Team on 0508 22 66 72.

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Busting the Common myths on creating a will

Public Trust

Stewart Harvey, Principal Trustee at Public Trust Waikato, says "seizing the moment" is essential so things aren't left to chance - and it's easier than you think. Stewart had a chat with Stuff.co.nz recently, check out the article in the link below.

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Celebrating a fantastic milestone!

The Team from Hospice Mid-Northland

This week is a significant week for both REAL Property Kerikeri (REAL) and Hospice, with REAL reaching $100,000 in money that they have raised through Project H and has been donated to Hospice this year!
Hospice Mid-Northland provides palliative care for patients and their whanau with a life-limiting condition. We receive 42% of our operational costs from the Northland District Health board and we need to fundraise for the additional 58% through our shops, fundraising events and initiatives, donations, and bequests.

Towards the end of a very challenging 2020 for Hospice, we were approached by REAL with a proposal to help to support us and be their charity of choice. REAL proposed to donate $1,000 of every house listed and SOLD with them to Hospice.

This was to be a whole team decision, as if you know REAL Property Kerikeri, you will know they work differently to other real estates. At REAL, the team share all listings and commissions equally amongst their cooperative team of agents. For this to work the whole team were to agree to support Hospice – and they did!
Together we identified several other tangible assets that will allow REAL to support us in tangible ways. So far, REAL have been able to purchase two new cars for us, a car for our admin team and significantly a car for our nurses. Our Hospice has undergone a strategic plan and part of this has been a restructure to organise resource (staff) more efficiently. With the growth we have seen in patient numbers, and will continue to see in future years, has been the sole driver behind implementing our strategic plan.

A future extension of the head office is now in the planning and has become our focus. With your help we can get there faster, contact us if you are interested in donated funds, time, materials, or services

This week is a significant week for both REAL and Hospice, with REAL reaching $100,000 in money that they have raised through Project H and has been donated to Hospice this year.

Project H is a name that many in this community many may remember. REAL have organised a major fundraiser for Hospice Mid-Northland before. In 2008 they decided to build a house in 5 days, auction it off and donate all the proceeds to us. This idea was not only challenging to complete but would have been impossible without the support of our community. There were donations coming in thick and fast from suppliers of materials, trades peoples’ time and services and students supplying morning tea, lunches, and dinners for all the volunteers. The funds raised from this was $280,000 and was used to help purchase the property where our office and 2 of our 5 shops is now.

Working alongside REAL has been both a pleasure and very beneficial, we are so grateful to them. What is more important, is that the cultures and values of our two organisations are very much aligned, the two teams have bonded during this time.

REAL have further decided that they will continue their support for Hospice beyond 2021 and when you list your property with us you automatically become a Hospice supporter.

We will be outside the REAL office on Friday 10th December with a BBQ and cake stall – celebrating this fantastic milestone! Come down buy a sausage or a cake for morning tea – you could even win a spot prize!
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