98 days ago

Poll: What is your experience going to the doctor?

Denise Piper Reporter from Northern News

There is a GP shortage in Northland, especially in Kaitaia. I would like to know how this is impacting patients, so please participate in the poll or leave your comments below. (Please put NFP in your comments if they are not for publication.)

What is your experience going to the doctor?
  • 60.9% I have no problems getting a GP appointment when I want it
    60.9% Complete
  • 34.8% I have to wait weeks to see the GP
    34.8% Complete
  • 4.3% I can't see the GP because there is no capacity at my clinic
    4.3% Complete
  • 0% I can't see the GP because I can't afford it
    0% Complete
  • 0% Other (please comment below)
    0% Complete
23 votes
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