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Council making changes-PC27. please email: rejectplan27bop@gmail.com

Jacki from Tauriko

Subject: URGENT HELP - PC27 impacts everyone please read and submit against these Council changes

Dear Residents of Tauranga,

If you haven’t heard about Council’s Flood Plan 27 then you need to read this immediately:

PC27 significantly restricts the use of impacted properties through requiring consents for any property upgrades/changes (including minor fences and ground level changes) and in many cases eliminates the ability for property upgrades/development (eg parking, office, house extension, pool or BQ areas). This is because PC27 establishes each individual property as “part of the storm water system” instead of designing a storm water solution to manage flooding. By restricting property use Council pushes drainage cost and responsibility of storm water on to individual property owners who must install engineering designed stormwater drainage to “protect the storm water system” when any minor upgrade/development is made to their property.
If this was not insulting enough, PC27 means Council receives an easement in their favour over the flood area – effectively taking control of your property. This represents an alarming precedent of infringement on property owners rights and entitlements.
Property values will be negatively impact as PC27 “risks and restrictions” are recorded on LIM reports, once a property is identified with these risks insurance is more difficult and bank loans more difficult – similar to leaky homes – PC27 properties become higher risk and lending may be restricted (eg higher equity/deposit) further reducing property value
PC27 enables Council to avoid its fundamental responsibility – flood protection through stormwater management. Flooding issues are unfairly represented in existing/longstanding suburbs, and reflects the long term and ongoing lack of stormwater and drainage investment in these areas.
The timeframe for public consultation is extremely short for such a significant issue less than 5 weeks submissions are due by 18 December 2020.
Beware Council say the flood mapping will change – your property is not safe – even if no flooding is on your property now – it could be included anytime there is an update. Meaning any change in the model assumptions (rain frequency, volume etc) would mean your property is now unable to be developed or upgraded. Make a submission now – protect your right to a storm water system that does not take away your right to use your property.

The avoidance of responsibility is severe with Councilor Larry Baldock stating that “some areas of Tauranga need to be retreated from” which means Council are happy for property owners to lose the entire value of their properties. Councilor Baldock said he didn’t want the council to be lumped with flooding claims from impacted properties. It isn’t acceptable for Council to place a 'risk notice on the property' and then say 'we’ve protected you now so we don’t have to do anything else'. Why not fix the real problem and upgrade the stormwater system? In new subdivisions all the storm water flows down the road or in to specific catchments - BECAUSE IT IS DESIGNED TO DO THAT. We want the same for all areas of Tauranga. It is possible, there are many alternatives.

Further, why is the flood event risk set so high? What are the alternatives? Why are these not open for public consultation? Why is Council hiding behind a plan change instead of addressing the real issues?

Why is the consultation time so short? Why is it right on Christmas time? Why is it being announced during a Mayoral resignation? Could it be to make sure that the people of Tauranga are too preoccupied to notice such a significant change? Could it be that Council doesn’t want anyone to notice such underhanded behaviour until it is too late?

The ONLY way to oppose this change is through a written submission and your right to an oral submission is VITALLY important. We don't have much time, don't hesitate to send an email right now and get help to submit against PC27.

Email your name, address and phone number to rejectplan27bop@gmail.com we are preparing templates and can offer help in submitting against PC27. I will email you a copy as soon as it is ready (I am one person so it isn't finished yet). Any offers of help to deliver pamphlets and get the word out to everyone would be appreciated. This is a COLLECTIVE issue. Everyone in Tauranga is impacted. Let's stand up for a REAL SOLUTION - we want a stormwater system that works for ALL

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