40 days ago

Exceed have donated 2 AED units placed on Mauao

Exceed - we fix windows & doors

Hi Neighbours,

We are very excited to announce our donation of 2 defibrillators that have been installed on Mauao summit track and base walk yesterday 🙌

Mauao has over a million people using the tracks every year. Our purpose is to provide these medical facilities as part of our commitment to sustaining a safe and healthy community.
We will be looking after the hardware maintenance of the AED units to ensure they will be operational if required.

Thank you to The Heart Box New Zealand Charity for making this possible ❤️

📍You can now find the units at the junction of Waikorire and Oruahine track, at the top of the stairs and along the base track at the steep track junction.

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Accommodation wanted.

Clyde from Maungatapu

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cat door

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3 hours ago

World Car Free Day

Communications from Tauranga City Council

About 76% of people travel to work in Tauranga in a car on their own, compared to 68% nationwide.

Tomorrow is World Car Free Day and the perfect opportunity to give another way of travelling a go. What will you choose?

The bus? 🚌
Walking? 👣
Cycling? 🚲
Working from home? 🏠
Or will you be heading into work or school on an e-scooter? 🛴

Head to www.tauranga.govt.nz... and find out how you can get involved.