920 days ago

Free programme for people affected by cancer

Lindsay Clark from Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society - Tauranga

If you or a loved one are coming to grips with a cancer diagnosis, the Cancer Society is here to help. Register now for our free Living Well programme in Tauranga, which offers practical ways of living well through your cancer journey.

The six-day programme starting on 3 May looks at understanding cancer, managing side effects of treatment, and building self-confidence and self-help skills.

For more information, call 0800 22 77 44 or visit our website: waikato-bop.cancernz.org.nz...

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25 days ago

Fire Works

Philip from Maungatapu

Thank you to the neighbor who is an inconsiderate A...…. who let off very loud fire works and terrified all of our animals, and now our elderly cat is missing as he was outside when they started letting them off extra loud next to Ebbtide Way down by the water. Also he had a fire lit when there is a total ban on lighting fires in residential areas. He knows who he is and he doesn't care about anyone only himself and thinks that he is superior to anyone who lives in this area. No warning was given, and he knows there are pets all around here. Totally selfish and inconsiderate with the mind of a small child!

16 hours ago

Why has this Tauranga home been on Trade Me for 10 years?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

Most people listing their properties hope to see a sale within a matter of weeks – the sooner the better. But one Tauranga couple have been waiting 10 years.

That's how long their 1.61ha Welcome Bay lifestyle property has been listed on Trade Me, which makes it the longest current listing on the website.

Why do you think the property hasn't been snapped up? Would you keep your home on the public market for a decade? How has the Tauranga property market changed in the last few years?

To read more, click here.

1 day ago

Anyone lost a ginger cat

Fritha from Bethlehem

Hanging round Townhead Crescent, very friendly