37 days ago

Plan Change 27

Keegan from Papamoa Beach

Are you aware of the changes that Tauranga City Council is making to the operative city plan?

They’re very restrictive, and it doesn’t represent the needs and wants of our community.

You can view the material provided by TCC here: www.tauranga.govt.nz...

Make sure to view the mapping and see if your property is impacted.

I have prepared a submission template on my website - go to: keeganmillar.co.nz/reject-plan-change-27

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18 hours ago

Dog Treats

Philip from Maungatapu

Dog Treats
Fresh made natural dog treats.
The treats are made to order fresh to you, pickup or deliver for a small fee.
This all came about because of one of our dogs developing allergies.
Having no preservatives in our dog treats they are suitable for ALL dogs.
They come in 150g packs at $4.80 each pack.
We have 4 different style of treats available ( see photo).
Treats will keep fresh for 4 - 6 weeks if kept in a sealed dry container, as there are NO preservatives in them.
The treats are made to order and fresh to you.
Pickup or local deliveries can be made for a small fee ( one off) multiples orders therefore are cheaper so group pet friends together!!!
You can have a mixed variety, or all the same in your packet.
Ingredients include:
kumera wholemeal flour
eggs fresh fruit
vegetables rolled oats
peanut butter carrot
vegetable oil coconut flour for wheat intolerant pets
Optional: cheese or bacon only small amounts as not so good for dogs.
More recipes will be added as we get established.
To order
email: philew@slingshot.co.nz
phone: 0212063895

6 hours ago

Woman@work Ltd Monthy Garden Care & Maintenance

Debra-lee Julian from Woman@Work Ltd

Hello neighbour's, we are your local gardeners.
FYI we do Monthly & Fortnight garden maintenance. This could include weeding, pruning and shaping. Laying mulch,stones, bark you name it we do it. We remove the greenery waste or not?
Clear your property give us a 📞

Give us a call if you require our services
Call Jay 0273260408
FREE QUOTE No problem.