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1 day ago

Please help squeaky

Debbie from Papamoa Beach

My sons most loved animal had babies last Thursday but was a very difficult labour and birth she wasn’t well after and didn’t want to even see her babies 2 lived 2 died on the Saturday we noticed something big and pink coming from her private we took her to the vets and she has a prolapse she was put to sleep they put stitches in and medication $200 for that but now it’s all fallen out again and it’s worse she is going to the vets at 5 pm today I’m asking if anyone can please help with any kind of help for her we can’t afford the cost and I can’t let her die I can provide information from the vets tonight please can someone help

9 hours ago

Pak'n'Save Watch their "specials"

Adrian from Papamoa Beach

Today I went shopping at Papamoa Pak'n'Save my favourite shop, and saw NZ Rose apples for only $1.25 a kg as I started through the fruit and veggie section. Half way down the aisle I saw the exact same apples, same size and quality as the first lot, but the price tag said $3.25 a kg, I looked around for a staff member and finally found one and pointed out the disparity, saying one price was well over twice the price as the other. I think his mumbled answer a bored reply reply was something like they would sort it out at checkout

Well I put my stuff through at the check-out where you put your own purchases through, and when I put the apples through, the price came up $3.25 a kg. So I called the supervisor over and after a lot of keys and over-rides she finally put them through at $1.25. I suggested to her that maybe she could tell the fruit and veggie department to fix the price tags. She was totally uninterested.

So I suggest buyers beware. I bet a lot of customers do not bother to check what they are charged.

A generous thing Pak’n’Sav do so I am told: You never see any reductions of prices in the bakery department. Years ago you could buy cheaper prices if the buns etc were a day old. Not anymore. I have heard, but don’t know it is true, that each day the staff go though and collect up all the day old stuff, put it in a big trolley and take it out to bins at the back where charitable outfits pick up the goods for the homeless. Anyone know if that is true? Good on their generosity even though we loyal customers never benefit.

9 hours ago

Glass collection story

Adrian from Papamoa Beach

Every second Tuesday morning a contractor goes up, then a couple of hours later, down Dickson Road emptying the blue bins Council has supplied for recycling of bottles and other glass products. Well as I drove out my driveway near where Longview Drive branches off, to visit the Plaza I noticed my next door neighbour had a very full blue container that had not been collected. He had had his extended family over for a big get together over the weekend. I thought, "Oh well it is over-full after all."
Being s good neighbour (I hope) I then thought when I returned I would put half of his bottles into my own blue bin, then take both across the road so when the contractor returned he could take both bins and empty the now not-over-filled containers. We take our own glass re-cycling to the Te Maunga recycling ourselves weekly, hence my blue-bin is always empty.

As I drove west down Dickson Road I counted twelve bins that had not been collected as these had bottles visible to a greater or lesser degree above the top of the blue containers. One a few door away had just one bottle showing above the edge by no more than 40 mm. Otherwise it was half empty I nearly drove home to get my camera to record it. Others of the twelve left were really full .

When I drove home an hour later and prepared to get my own blue bin I saw the contractor coming back down Dickson Road, so watched him as he left more bins behind when only one bottle stuck up slightly above the top edge.

So I decided to go down Dickson Road and keep ahead of the contractor to see what eventuated. Well at some stage, as I kept moving ahead of the contractor he must have noticed me. Because I saw him empty a bin that had two bottles sticking up slightly above the edge. The next bin was really full. To my amazement the contractor took a long look at me, then proceeded to empty the really over-full bin into this truck.

So I returned home.

Later in the afternoon I noticed that my neighbour's bin was now empty. When I spoke with him late afternoon he said the contractor must have come back down Dickson Road and taken the ones he had left in the morning.

I realise the contractor is not obliged to take over-full bins, and won't taken any with sharp broken glass as this is a safety hazard. But I would have thought there may be a slight leeway in his estimation of bins fullness, and I guess anyway he may have finally become a "Good neighbour after all.