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Eileen from Papamoa Beach

I hope someone can help me. I was parked in the carpark at Bayfair mall behind farmers near where the buses come in. I had backed out of my park and was ready to drive off when I saw a vehicle start to back out about 4 parks down from me. I beeped my horn several times but the vehicle kept coming. I then stood fully on my horn but it scraped down the side end of my car. The driver said he was "away with the fairies" and didn't hear my horn. He told his Insurance Co that we were both reversing at the same time which is a lie and I now have to pay half the repair bill. A man in a car parked in front of me saw the whole thing. If you are the man and reading this can you please contact me on 0210440978. Maybe someone mentioned this incident to you. My car is a Honda Accord colour pale blue and the other vehicle was a grey lexus SUV. Unfortunately there are no security cameras operating in that outside carpark. I would be grateful if I can get some proof of this as currently it is his word against mine.

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Covid Casualty - We' re closing

Daisy Doggie Daycare and Grooming

It is a with a very heavy heart I have to inform you that Daisy Doggie Daycare will be closing down on August 13th under a "Voluntary Liquidation of the business".

For the past few full months, after lock down, we have only managed from 4 to the odd 15+ dogs in a day. This is not sustainable when one has to pay rent and wages.

Declining dog numbers week after week leave me no choice but to shut Daisy Doggie Daycare down.

Covid 19 has changed the way people work and many have been impacted financially. All of these have effected our business model.
To all of you, thank you for the chance to love and care for your dog. I have enjoyed them and shall miss them like my own children.

Thank you to all of you as you have shared your doggie with me. I so appreciate each and every one.

Please come and enjoy the days we still have.

Thank you and may you all stay safe.

My door is always open for a chat if you need.


Des Nunneley,
Daisy Doggie Daycare.

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SuperSeniors Newsletter August 2020

The Team from Office for Seniors

Hi Neighbours!

Our August SuperSeniors Newsletter is out now, and it's filled with lots of handy information and opportunities for seniors.

This issue includes a story about the benefits of volunteering and how to get involved, as well as an update on the changes to NZ Super and Veteran's Pension.

Even if you aren't over 65 yourself, check it out and share it with the older people in your life.

Click here to read our August newsletter: bit.ly...
Or to subscribe to the newsletter follow this link: bit.ly...

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Key tips for a warmer, drier home – 2/9 – Curtains

Owner from Curtain Clean BOP Ltd

• Make it your kids job to open curtains and windows in the morning
• Close your curtains just before sunset to keep the cold night air out
• Opening your curtains during the day allows the sun to heat your home for free
• If you use non-standard window dressings make sure they fit snug around the frame
• You might be able to get curtains cheap or free from your local curtain bank