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Next Rebirthing/ Breathwork Event is coming soon. Joim my Meetup group to be part of a community dedicted to personal growth.

Peter from Pyes Pa

Hi everybody. I had great response from people joining this group so that my first Meetup event was scheduled for the 30th Jan and booked out within days. I am planning the next one now so if you are interested to perhaps join me on the next event join this group . The group is called Meetup Group "Tauranga Self Exploration via Rebirthing/ Breathwork" www.meetup.com......... I am inviting everyone to be part of this group who is suffering from anxiety, depression, abuse or addiction, stress or simply having breathing problems. This meetup group which is presently growing will conduct regular group meetings in the application and experience of breathwork. It is fundamentally a breathing technique which helps to connect to often underlying and less conscious causes of stress and to help to resolve or remove them using the breathing itself as the tool and helper. The term Rebirthing here has no religious affiliation but more so one of being in spirit, inspired and inspirational to remove obstacles of trauma in its many forms from our life so we may live a life with much more freedom and peace and compassion. Something we all could do with some more in times like these. You need to join my group first before you can attend any future event. Looking forward to meeting you. If you have done some breathwork sessions before or attended a workshop these group meeting still can be very valuable to anyone who knows about the breath and its gifts and secrets it holds. See you soon. Peter

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What's your experience with pre-fabricated homes?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is looking into the rise of transportable/ kit-set/ pre fabricated homes. The upsides are build-efficiency, quality of design, and cost. The downsides appear to be land supply, red-tape with council and difficulty getting lending from banks. If you're willing to share your experience - good or bad - email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz, otherwise leave a comment. Is there an aspect of transportable housing you'd like us to enquire about for you?

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Seniors & Travel Expo - Tauranga Feb 27 & 28

Kim Scanlen from Hinterland Tours

Come along to the Trustpower Baypark Arena this weekend and see us on Stand 10. Have a chat to us about our multi day tours throughout NZ and our 'show only' specials. Let us do the organising so you can sit back and enjoy our beautiful country.

Is it time to tick something else off your bucketlist?

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House wanted to rent please

Emma from Judea

Evening all I am a part time working mum of three kids I have been in my current rental for coming up 5 years and sadly the owner wants to sell so that means we have to move out please if you know of anything coming up or that may suit us please let me know thanks