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Kulim Park up-grade versus Mauao Base-track repair

Adrian from Papamoa Beach

Are Tauranga Mount or Papamoa residents aware of the proposal, estimated to cost over $1 million of ratepayers' money, to upgrade and re-develop Kulim Park? This has been proposed by about thirty neighbours of the Park, who have approached TCC and behind closed doors and without proper consultation were able to have TCC offer the redevelopment. Luckily some people are against this waste of our ratepayers' money, and have forced the TCC to have further consultation. Much more urgent, and a project that will improve the lot of hundreds and thousands of not only locals, but national and international visitors, is the planned improvement of the Mauao Base Track, allowing the removal of the stairs which at the moment prevent many mothers with babies in prams, and elderly people less mobile at climbing steps, from being able to get around the Mount. The TCC maintains that there is a lack of finance to pay for the track to be built along the shoreline on the south side of Mauao, yet the same Council seems prepared to satisfy the needs of 30 already very affluent
Kulim Park neighbours. You feed back would be welcome on this.

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6 days ago

What's in a name? Formal consultation begins

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Have your say on our draft Naming Policy. Among other changes, we’re proposing to add some provisions in the policy to encourage locally significant Māori names for streets, reserves, community facilities and other public places in Tauranga. If you participated in our survey earlier this year, your feedback has been taken into account but we’re now keen to get your thoughts on the full content and wording of the draft policy. Have your say!

14 hours ago


Owner from Curtain Clean Bop Ltd

This is one of our favourites that we've seen online! Get the kids together to help you make a set of miniature winter wonderland ornaments for the Christmas day table or round the house.

You’ll need:
• A few small, clear jars (available at Spotlight)• White Deco sand (available at Spotlight) mixed with glitter, or without!
• Sprigs of Christmas tree branches or tinsel (which you can cut from an old tree, if you have one)
• Artificial moss (also available at Spotlight!)

• White Christmas figurines or old decorations (such as reindeer, Santa and elves)

• Cover the bottom of your base or bowl with moss.• Sprinkle some of the sand over the moss, so that it mixes together and looks like a snow-covered forest floor.
• Position a figurine—or multiple figurines if your vase is larger—on top of the moss and sand.
• Cut some of the bristles from the Christmas tree branches at the base, and dig a few into the moss and sand, so that they stand up.
• Place your Winters-in-a-bottle around your outdoor area and table.

19 hours ago

Welcome Bay Lane to open this weekend

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Welcome Bay Lane will be reopened to cars this Sunday.

While Welcome Bay Lane will now be open to cars, all heavy vehicles – including trucks, buses and other larger vehicles – will still need to use the signalised intersection on Welcome Bay Road. Cyclists are advised to divert left off Welcome Bay Road and use a new shared path and safe crossing point located along Welcome Bay Lane.

Click here for more safety tips on using the Lane.
Source: SunLive.