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Running in the upcoming local elections? We can help!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The Neighbourly team recognises the value of the site for assessing community need and for this reason, we have a number of features perfect for election purposes.

Any campaigning should take place away from the general noticeboard. We've got a few options to help ensure your message is getting out to Neighbourly members. We'd suggest starting your own group on Neighbourly - this is a great way to connect with those who want to get updates about your candidacy.

We also have business profiles available for all candidates if you would like your messages to appear on the Neighbourly noticeboard. As well as this, we have special Neighbourly Advertising rates for election candidates. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Already an elected official? Neighbourly also offers all elected officials the option of creating an organisation profile to connect with those in their electorate - although these profiles should not be used for campaigning.

If you have any questions or need any assistance then let us know!
Get in touch!

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1 day ago

Kulim Park up-grade versus Mauao Base-track repair

Adrian from Papamoa Beach

Are Tauranga Mount or Papamoa residents aware of the proposal, estimated to cost over $1 million of ratepayers' money, to upgrade and re-develop Kulim Park? This has been proposed by about thirty neighbours of the Park, who have approached TCC and behind closed doors and without proper consultation were able to have TCC offer the redevelopment. Luckily some people are against this waste of our ratepayers' money, and have forced the TCC to have further consultation. Much more urgent, and a project that will improve the lot of hundreds and thousands of not only locals, but national and international visitors, is the planned improvement of the Mauao Base Track, allowing the removal of the stairs which at the moment prevent many mothers with babies in prams, and elderly people less mobile at climbing steps, from being able to get around the Mount. The TCC maintains that there is a lack of finance to pay for the track to be built along the shoreline on the south side of Mauao, yet the same Council seems prepared to satisfy the needs of 30 already very affluent
Kulim Park neighbours. You feed back would be welcome on this.

1 hour ago

House/unit to rent

Angela from Gate Pa

My friend is seeking a long term rental as moving back to Tauranga city.
For an active retiree and Minou cat. A 2 bd unit, small garden, heat pump, garage it must be in a safe environment.
If you know of something let me know 0221753758

2 days ago

Poll: Growing food in school.

NumberWorks'nWords Tauranga

Should this be part of your child's school curriculum?

Growing food in school.
  • 96% Yes
    96% Complete
  • 4% No
    4% Complete
1228 votes