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Did you know that Insulation has great noise reducing qualities?

EnergySmart - Tauranga

Not only is Insulation a great way at keeping your home warm and energy efficient, but it can also help reduce noise travelling through your home!
The dense structure of Insulation helps absorb both airborne and impact noise throughout the home.

Airborne noise is noise that travels throughout the air, such as traffic, TV noise, dogs barking and voices. Impact noise is vibrations that are carried through the house, such as footsteps, washing machine vibrations etc.

Fiberglass and wool insulation are the best types of insulation for reducing airborne and impact noise due to their many fibrous layers.

You can see our full range of insulation on our website:

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1 day ago

Double bed and base

Latisha from Mount Maunganui

Hi neighbors,

I am looking for a double bed and solid base in good condition.
To use in my spare room.

Many thanks 😊

7 hours ago

Get decorating and save with the Resene Save the GST Value sale!


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12 days ago

New Zealand Epilepsy education petition

Erin from Brookfield

I'm currently running a petition through parliament to make epilepsy education, training and awareness mandatory in schools. I believe that there is a significant lack of education around the issue in schools, that many students are unsure of what to do when someone has a seizure, and that people often treat people living with epilepsy differently. I want to make New Zealand students who are living with epilepsy, no matter how bad their symptoms, feel more accepted in school rather than judged or isolated. I want them to know that if they were to have an unexpected seizure they are in a safer environment. I would greatly appreciate any signatures and support!