49 days ago

April Challenge Month

NumberWorks'nWords Tauranga

Here are our 2nd week of challenges. Might help fill in a bit of time and a great thing to do as a family.

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4 hours ago

Want to level out a section? Take out a garden? Create a path? BOP Digger Services can help!

Katherine from BOP Digger Services Ltd

We have a range of equipment to help you with your next project.

Whether you want to put in a new path or driveway, clear a section or level it, make a pad for that new garage or shed, we can sort it.

Smaller machines are also available to get to those hard to reach areas

Call Lance for a free quote - 027 430 7942


1 day ago

Seeking those interested in Shared Care or Foster Care

Goldie from Greerton - Parkvale

A friend requested I share this in my community... CCS Disability Action are looking for foster carers in BOP - see attached poster and/or phone 0800 227 900 for further details.

Ad Carers.pdf Download View

10 hours ago

Fragile Delivery Specialists

Devan from Smart Express Tauranga

If you have a fragile delivery that needs taken care of, Smart Express is here to help. We are fragile delivery specialists.
Click the link to find out what services we can provide