103 days ago

Loss of one of our fur babies....

Kirsty Neighbourly Lead from Taupo Central

To whomever it was in Hilltop that clipped our gorgeous silver tabby, Max with their car, I'd like to let you know that we had to put him down yesterday. His hip was broken right up near his spine. Due to his age, the vet couldn't operate. He may well have been on the road, but we were outside most of the day and heard no screech of brakes or any other indication you had tried NOT to hit him. He couldn't get out of your way quickly enough - it would be like asking an 84 year old to run a 100m sprint. Please, please slow down in streets where there are pets and children about. We miss him terribly, and you have no idea of the cost and pain you have inflicted on a superannuitant and the rest of the household.

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6 days ago

Show neighbours your photography snaps of Waikato!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Kia ora Waikato, it's time to dust off that old camera, get out and about and show the rest of your neighbours your favourite, treasured spots in your region. It could be an awesome view, the shy wildlife or even the old buildings that are wanting their stories to be told.

Go ahead, get snapping and illustrate what's beyond your backyard.

Post your photographs in the comments below ⬇

7 days ago

More MAGA spin

Fred from Taupo Central

Endless possibilities.

16 hours ago

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