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13 minutes ago

FOOD RECALL: Brown Brothers Prosecco

The team from

Have you been affected? Brown Brothers limited edition King Valley Prosecco Rosé has been pulled from shelves amid fears the glass bottles may break when opened.

Package size and description: The product is sold in a 750ml glass bottle.
Distribution: The product is sold in supermarkets and liquor stores throughout New Zealand.

Click here for consumer advice.

2 hours ago

Poll: What's your ideal airport to fly internationally from?

Nicola Brennan-Tupara Reporter from Taupō Times

Hi neighbours,
There's been a bit of talk about a newly elected councillor wanting to bring international flights back to Hamilton.
So we want to know, what is your preferred airport to fly out from if they were all an option?

What's your ideal airport to fly internationally from?
  • 0% Hamilton
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  • 0% Auckland
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  • 0% Wellington
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  • 100% Rotorua
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  • 0% Hawke's Bay
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8 hours ago

The Right Union helps at work

The Right Union

Make sure you have chosen The Right Union to protect your rights for the right employment.

You are protected by the Law of New Zealand since your intention to join a union and throughout your membership.

Unlike other Unions, we are the open, transparent and people-orientated Union. So, every member has an equal right to speak and to be heard.

Our meeting rooms with restricted access granted only to our members with a password by email.

Any Employee from any part of New Zealand can join The Right Union Incorporated to protect his or her rights as an Employee and/or to improve your lifestyle and even find the right friends.

For more information please visit our website
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