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The Right Union helps at work

The Right Union

Make sure you have chosen The Right Union to protect your rights for the right employment.

You are protected by the Law of New Zealand since your intention to join a union and throughout your membership.

Unlike other Unions, we are the open, transparent and people-orientated Union. So, every member has an equal right to speak and to be heard.

Our meeting rooms with restricted access granted only to our members with a password by email.

Any Employee from any part of New Zealand can join The Right Union Incorporated to protect his or her rights as an Employee and/or to improve your lifestyle and even find the right friends.

For more information please visit our website TheRightUnion.nz
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More messages from your neighbours
19 hours ago

Raising awareness about women and the need and demand for self-awareness and self-care in today's busy world

Viola from Taupo Central

Good afternoon lovely neighbours!

I decided to raise more awareness through and with my health and wellness coaching business Mindful Nourished Roots (which is based in Acacia Bay - www.mindfulnourishedroots.com...) about us women and the increasing demand and need for self-awareness and self-care by placing an article in the henry magazine. The magazine is circulating since Monday this week.

This lifestyle and business magazine comes out quarterly and is distributed throughout the Taupo and Bay of Plenty region in New Zealand and I am pretty proud and chuffed of the work that has been done to get my message out there through print media.

Have a read and enjoy!

21 hours ago

Power lines relocated for new bridge over Waikato River

Samantha McPherson from WEL Networks

Preparatory work has begun on what will be one of the longest bridges in Hamilton.
WEL Networks started relocating power lines on Tuesday to allow for construction of a bridge over the Waikato River to the Peacocke housing development.
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