23 days ago

Send us your photos!

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Have you got photos to share? We’re on the hunt for the latest photos from local events in your neighbourhood, sports tournaments, prizegivings or personal milestones. You can send your high-resolution photos to us by emailing reporters@press.co.nz and adding "Attention Northern Outlook" in the subject line. Please be sure to include a short description of the event with photo captions and names of those pictured.

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4 days ago

Couriers !

Linda from Rangiora

Wondering if this is the norm for the couriers. Small parcel from Auckland to Rangiora 7 days and still not here. Snail mail is faster. Emailed and asked where it is as the parcel finder hasn't been updated since it left Auckland. Emailed them no reply for 2 days and counting. Rang them and they said we will ring you back but didn't say this year ! Still no email, no phone call, no parcel. Sadly fastways need rebranding, maybe snailways lol
Are there any better couriers ? or is the normal.

Update.... They lost it. Sadly it's a $300 xmas gift. Hopefully they find it. Sender being a business is on to it and if not found by Friday will get a refund from them, and send another. Only hope they use another courier service.

9 hours ago

Swan plants and sunflower plants for sale

Arthur from Rangiora

Swan plants and sunflower, mint, Thyme, Heuchera, other plants for sale at 13 BLAKE STREET RANGIORA tomorrow, next to the Blake street car park Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm. Also, THOMAS AND FRIENDS for the children to drive in our club rooms.

5 days ago

Birds roosting on guttering

Christina from Rangiora

Hi has anyone got any tips on removing birds from nesting in guttering? Being woken up at 5.30am is frustrating & seems to have gone on for months?!. There are gutter spikes I could get placed. Does anyone know if these are quite pricey?
Any tips welcome.
Many Thanks