930 days ago

When can you not DIY?

Master Plumbers NZ - Canterbury

When it comes to plumbing, gas and drainage around the home, some DIY is definitely a big no-no and qualified tradespeople must be used. Find out when and why you should call in a professional.

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3 days ago

Who needs a plant doctor?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

Are your houseplants looking worse for wear? The experts at Kings Plant Barn would love to help. Send us your houseplant questions and problems to homed@stuff.co.nz, or leave them in the comments, for the houseplant doctor to diagnose. Pictures are encouraged.

14 hours ago

Has anyone lost this lovely friendly un-neutered male cat?

Jo from Eyrewell Forest

Has anyone lost this gorgeous, healthy and friendly male? Not neutered and not micro-chipped - vet thinks around 2 years old. Isaac Road off South Eyre Road.