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Poll: Would you expect your parents to help you into your first home?

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

Almost a quarter of young people say the older generations should help first-home buyers into the property market, a new survey shows.

Westpac NZ polled 1000 people about their opinion on parents assisting their children into their first homes.

It found widespread acceptance of the idea: More than half the parents said they would loan money interest-free and only 38 per cent would expect it to be paid back.

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Would you expect your parents to help you into your first home?
  • 6.3% Yes
    6.3% Complete
  • 39.4% No
    39.4% Complete
  • 54.3% I'd be grateful but I don't expect it
    54.3% Complete
1896 votes
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8 days ago

Have you been on board the HMB Endeavour?

Social Media Manager from Tuia 250 ki Tōtaranui

We are so excited that the HMB Endeavour replica will sail into Tōtaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound on November 21 and will spend the following week in Waitohi/Picton harbour.

Have you been on board the HMB Endeavour in the past?

Are you planning to visit during our events in November?

You can find out all about our events by clicking on the link


3 hours ago

Have you seen a rare white dolphin in the Sounds?⁠

Social Media Manager from Tuia 250 ki Tōtaranui

Did you know that Kupe installed a kaitiaki at the entrance of Pelorus Sound / Te Hoiere to protect the area. According to Ngati Kuia tradition this kaitiaki was Kaikaiawaro, a white dolphin that appeared in times of danger to assist Kupe’s descendants.⁠

Wendy Bramwell saw a white dolphin on July 13, 1968 - ⁠
"We were on the West side of Mana Island going to Picton when we were accompanied by a pod of dolphins, the leader was definitely this beautiful white one, they were so friendly and comforting, cavorting and splashing us as we motored through the water, they were so much fun. The yacht, the Hope, was a sloop owned by Alec Relling, it had been damaged in the Wahine Storm so we were taking it across the straits to Picton to be repaired . It had a big hole patched up in its side."⁠

4 hours ago

Aye aye captain

Social Media Manager from Tuia 250 ki Tōtaranui

A sea dog with 50 years experience under canvas will captain a historic vessel during national Tuia 250 commemorations.

Australian man John Dikkenberg will captain the HM Bark Endeavour, a replica of Captain Cook's ship from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, during its three-month trip to New Zealand later this year.

The ship is part of a flotilla which will take part in national commemorations at four of Cook's landing places in New Zealand - Gisborne, Meretoto/Ship Cove, the Bay of Islands, and the Coromandel Peninsula.

John visited Marlborough on Monday with other seafarers to scope out areas where the flotilla would berth.

John said he is "excited to celebrate a thousand years of maritime history."

Read the full story in the Marlborough Express by clicking on the link