52 days ago

What we don't want to see on The Block NZ

Colleen Hawkes Reporter from Homed

The Block NZ is back on our screens on Monday, but let's hope there are no more silly decor challenges and over-the-top reserves.

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2 hours ago

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5 hours ago

Cat Rescue

Nelda from Glenholme

Hooray! Together we have raised $130 towards rescuing Ginger from neglect. All we need now is another $135. If you can contribute, it would be much appreciated. Here is the address: givealittle.co.nz/cause/animal-lovers-please-help-me-to-rescue-ginger. Alternatively, go to "givealittle.co.nz" and search for "Help rescue Ginger".

3 days ago

Mechanics rags/clothes

Jill from Hillcrest - Pomare

I work for a Charity shop and each week we discard bags of clothing that we choose not to sell.Would anyone be interested in using these for whatever?