36 days ago

Help Required with Mail Merge - Office2019

Margaret from Stoke

UPDATE. Thanks to Taya and Miles who came and helped. I will now be able to address 400 envelopes much quicker.
I have volunteered to be the Secretary for a Non Profit Group, of older people, of which a lot are unfamiliar with the internet. Therefore a reminders are sent out via Snail Mail to a lot of them.
I have not done Mail merge before, and those that are left on the committee, also do not know.
I have worked out how to combine the necessary columns in the Excel Members Spreadsheet.
And I have worked out the start of the labels in Word, so that the correct fields are selected.
But I am missing something in the last step, in printing.
Is there someone, with this skill who is prepared to show me, what I am missing/doing incorrectly. I am sure it is a simple - go here/add this situation
Happy to do it over the phone, travel to your place/you to mine
Help would be very much appreciated.
Margaret 021 151 5962

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