39 days ago

Throwback Thursday

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from Northern Outlook

Bill Chambers, right, then chief of St John ambulance, Rangiora, stands with a Mr Henderson in a photo taken during the 1950s.

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16 minutes ago

Govt needs to target our soaring cost of living

Linda from Rangiora

Title is the title of an article on Stuff today.
As I was about to write out my grocery list after reading this I feel rather disgusted and used knowing I've no options but to continue lining the pockets of our food giants.
Below is a part of the article that makes me so damn angry.

A $9.5 million house is being built in Christchurch. Shaped like the letter Z, swimming pool and tennis court. When completed, it’s going to be one of the biggest and priciest properties in town. The owner? A director at Foodstuffs South Island and owner of Pak 'n Save Wainoni, one of Christchurch’s poorest areas.
My blood boils when I think of the families who anxiously push half-empty trolleys through that store, selecting items that are a few cents cheaper and a little less nutritious, so they can squeeze more out of their wages to feed their families for another week, while helping to fund that Fendalton swimming pool and import its Italian tiles.

3 days ago

woodend by pass.

Joy from Kainga - Brooklands

if you do not want to stop traffic going through woodend.....why not put in an under ground walkway..i presume it is for the safety of pedestrians.. sorry if i have missed this idea if it has been aired before.

8 days ago

Wall paper

Janina from Rangiora

Hi neighbours, I am looking for some wallpaper offcuts, if you have any laying around I would love to hear from you. Thank you :) (pic just for attention)