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Poll: Would you live on a section without vehicle spaces?

Jennifer Eder Reporter from Marlborough Express

Councils must scrap rules requiring new houses to have driveways and off-street parking, to free up more land for development.
Would you live on a section without a driveway, garage or off-street parking?
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Would you live on a section without vehicle spaces?
  • 66.1% No, I need a garage
    66.1% Complete
  • 31.2% No, I need off-street parking
    31.2% Complete
  • 0% I'm happy to park on the roadside
    0% Complete
  • 2.8% If I live centrally, yes
    2.8% Complete
  • 0% If there's public transport, yes
    0% Complete
  • 0% Yes, I don't have a vehicle anyway
    0% Complete
  • 0% Other (tell us in the reply section)
    0% Complete
109 votes
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1 day ago

Are your school leavers struggling to find work?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is investigating unemployment in young people, particularly those who have just graduated high school or university and are struggling to find work, even part-time work, possibly because of Covid. If you or your child would be willing to speak to us please email warwick.rasmussen@stuff.co.nz.

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Looking for

Princess from Blenheim

Barbecue and chest freezer in good condition for sale out there?

9 hours ago

Poll: Which NZ destination do you most want to travel to?

Stuff Travel

To celebrate the refreshed Stuff Travel website, enabling you to dream, plan and now book your next escape all in one place, we're giving away a $100 voucher.

To go into the draw to win simply vote below on which of the following destinations you're most likely to use your voucher on. Visit travel-booking.stuff.co.nz for inspiration and to view all the other destinations.
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Which NZ destination do you most want to travel to?
  • 5.3% Auckland
    5.3% Complete
  • 22.7% Coromandel
    22.7% Complete
  • 9.3% Rotorua
    9.3% Complete
  • 4% Taupō
    4% Complete
  • 8% Wellington
    8% Complete
  • 13.3% Nelson Tasman
    13.3% Complete
  • 10.7% Marlborough
    10.7% Complete
  • 26.7% Central Otago/Lakes
    26.7% Complete
75 votes