34 days ago

Poll: Did you enjoy the giant Big Fresh fruits and veges?

The team Reporter from Marlborough Express

People either loved them or hated them, and now they're up for sale.

The giant 1990's Big Fresh Supermarket fruits and veges are up on Trade Me, with over 700 people adding them to their watchlist.

Did you enjoy seeing them on your grocery shopping outing?

Did you enjoy the giant Big Fresh fruits and veges?
  • 33.3% Yes, I loved seeing them!
    33.3% Complete
  • 0% No way, they were terrifying
    0% Complete
  • 66.7% I didn't even notice them
    66.7% Complete
15 votes
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4 hours ago

Garage clean out

Tina from Blenheim

Slide $20
Trike $50
Carseat $60

4 hours ago


Tina from Blenheim

USED near new condition smokefree home no longer needed as daughter in booster now.
Brought from warehouse exactly like one in pics.

3 days ago

What should happen to the old library once the new one is running?

Alice Angeloni Reporter from Marlborough Express

The new library and art gallery will replace the green Liquorland and blue Warehouse Stationery buildings at the end of High St.

What should Council do with the existing library and Millennium Art Gallery sites?