42 days ago

Poll: Would you prefer Council plastic bags or wheelie bins?

Alice Angeloni Reporter from Marlborough Express

The debate has raised its head once again. In a time where Government has banned single use plastic bags, what do you think Marlborough District Council should do with rubbish collection moving forward?

Would you prefer Council plastic bags or wheelie bins?
  • 15.5% The Council plastic bags work fine.
    15.5% Complete
  • 79.3% Wheelie bins - we shouldn't be using plastic.
    79.3% Complete
  • 5.2% I don't mind - just take my rubbish.
    5.2% Complete
213 votes
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1 day ago

Are you bothered by the wattle pollen?

The team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Picton resident Barbara Speedy says wattle pollen is a "big health issue", and asked Marlborough council candidates if they'd eradicate wattle trees.

She says that the wattle population had got worse over the decades, from just a few trees to "hills of yellow".

Are the wattle trees making your hayfever worse? Do you want the council to do something about them?

9 hours ago

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

John from Fairhall - Renwick - Woodbourne

Does anyone have any experiences with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs [Hybrid]. Thinking of buying one, but keen to hear about owners pros and cons regarding this type of vehicle

1 day ago

Kombucha scoby

Jean from Marlborough Sounds

Has anybody got above to sell/divide/share? Really keen to get started again!