68 days ago

Does Picton need a gondola?

The team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Interest in building a gondola overlooking Picton has reignited ahead of an update of the town's decade-old plan.

The multi-million dollar project was shelved in 2016.

Former motelier Eric Collins, who had worked to bring a gondola to Picton for 30 years, said "Picton needs it more than I do...I don't need that stress."

What do you think? Do you think Picton should have a gondola?

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Princess from Blenheim

Anyone who is selling one or giving away?thanks

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Gen Less

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8 days ago

Should vaping be banned in schools?

The team Reporter from Marlborough Express

Hi neighbours - Principals in schools are backing the government's plan to ban most vape flavours.

They warn that without firm action, New Zealand will have a new generation of people addicted to nicotine. Many students mistakenly believe that vapes contain only water and flavouring.

What are your thoughts? Should vaping be banned in schools?