190 days ago

Next Meeting

Stephen Woodward from Toastmasters of Waikanae

Our next meeting is on Thursday 12th November at 7:30pm. Drop me a message if you’d like to come along and see what we do. Improve your public speaking skills and confidence in a fun, friendly and nurturing environment!

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9 hours ago

Tip Charges

Don from Paekakariki

Earlier this week I took a trailer load of domestic rubbish to the transfer station. Nothing toxic or requiring special handling, just timber offcuts, a couple of cartons of workroom rubbish, a couple of broken plastic chairs, a few bits of an old concrete path and so on.
I was charged $87.50 for the load!
This is just outrageous, our council should be encouraging people to dump responsibly not gouging us at the gate.
KCDC have completely abdicated their responsibility by contracting out rubbish collection and management to expensive and grossly inefficient contractors. We have 3 different trucks collecting rubbish in our street, one following the other. How can that be efficient?
KCDC couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery, bloody hopeless, and we pay them for their incompetence.

6 hours ago

SPCA Pet of the Day: Meet Captain John

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Captain John was recently adopted by a family. Here is what they had to say.
"To the wonderful people at SPCA. On Tuesday, Captain John came home with us to his new furever home. Safe to say he has adjusted well and is loving his new life. He has discovered the confines of the kid’s bed.
He is completely calm with three kids and two dogs. Thank you for looking after him until he came to us."

2 hours ago

Fresh Fish Open This Saturday

Waikanae Crab

Open this Saturday till 1pm
Snapper and Butterfish
Fresh Fish Pies and Fish Cakes and Chowders!!!
Have a great Mothers Day weekend 💛