43 days ago

Downlight Promotion

Daniel from Mr Watts Electrical

Hi Neighbours, we're still running our LED downlight promotion. So happy to meet so many of you and upgrade your old lights so far.

There are many positives to upgrading, but for me the biggest difference is new LED downlights are air tight, instead of the old ones that have to have an air gap and a gap of insulation because they make so much heat. Resulting in multiple spots in a ceiling for the heat (or cool) from inside your home to escape greatly reducing your homes insulation. (See the photos below).

Other reasons to upgrade.
1. Led lights are 85% more efficient✔️
2. Better light spread (lights your house better.✔️
3. No need to change a bulb (these lights are long life)✔️
4. They add value to your home✔️
5. Safe (they don't generate dangerous amounts of heat like halogen lights) ✔️
6. Stylish and low profile✔️

Happy to come round and give you a free quote and advice on what is the best option for your household.

Daniel Watson
Mr Watts Electrical


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14 hours ago

Time to Lighten Up --- get out your Christmas Lights

Maree from Waikanae Beach

I have put up our Christmas Lights -

I thought with Daylight Saving finishing, Easter coming and being Locked In/Down it was time to brighten up the neighbourhood.
I figure now is a better time than Christmas as it is dark earlier and most people have plenty of time spare to put them up!
Locked Down - Lighten Up - Brighten Up - We can do this!

3 days ago

Dog Walking

Brendan from Paraparaumu

It would be great if all dog owners adhere to the Kapiti Councils new guiedlines and walk thei dogs on leash in all areas while we are all in Lockdown. This avoids any unnecessary contact between dogs and owners.

It would also be great if owners did not drive their dogs to other areas to exercise which is still going on.
Be sensible people the more we keep to these guidelines the sooner we get through this.

1 day ago

It's Tiger Country here

Alan from Raumati Beach

The Great Bear Hunt took a new and scary turn in Kapiti yesterday. Michael (14 tomorrow) has been cared for by Miss Zara Tristram Sesay for the past year.

But yesterday the Lock Down got to Michael and he decided to make a break for it- bit.ly...