38 days ago

Get all your paint work done this Summer!

Red Star Painters

Hi Kapiti neighbours,

Red Star Painters is your local painter in your neighbourhood with over 25 years in the businesses.

Let Rick Brown and the team take care of the paintwork you need done!

All paintwork is considered:

Spraying, rolling, brushing
Interior - Exterior
Commercial - Industrial - Residential
New builds and renovations
Fences, decking, roofs etc
Colour schemes

Call Rick and the team now on 021 473 699 or email redstarpainters@gmail.com
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15 hours ago

Does Kāpiti need a hospital?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

In 2017, more than 22,000 people signed a petition calling for a community hospital here on the coast.
Supporters said our growing population and a likelihood we'll be cut off from Wellington in a natural disaster warranted the service.
The petition was presented to Parliament last year but garnered no results.
What do you think? Is a hospital a necessity for Kāpiti or are medical services good enough as they are?
Should this become an issue for our electorate candidates in this year's election?
Please let us know what you think and remember to mark your post NFP if you don't want it appearing in print.

10 hours ago

Logging me out

Dianne from Paraparaumu

Wondered if anyone else is having issues with neighbourly. It keeps logging me out every now & then. Can't understand why!

1 day ago

Product of the week

Marie from Waikanae

This weeks pick for top product is Harraways Organic Rolled Oats. Bagged in paper and only a couple of dollars more than the non organic version, they are great value for money and very environmentally friendly. Great nutty taste too. I use them in muesli and most baking.

PS - for those who raised the important point about waxed paper in my post supporting Much Moores Ice Cream 1 litre cardboard pack: I found that by soaking the cardboard briefly the brown backing easily peeled off. I put this in my home compost where it seems to be breaking down fine, and sent the rest of the cardboard to the recycle bin.