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Promoting accessibility throughout Kapiti Coast

Dalmo Mendonça from Accessible Kapiti

Kia ora neighbours,

We are launching our new website AccessibleKapiti.nz as an initiative from the Kapiti Accessibility Advisory Group.

The website is dedicated to informing Kapiti Coast residents and visitors about accessibility in our region. But this is a two-way street. In the era of social networks, the information won’t only come top-down but especially bottom-up. We wish to establish a comprehensive database of services, tourist attractions and businesses that take accessibility into consideration.

And for that, we will need your help! Community contributions are essential for the development of the website.

Send us tips of places, pictures and news. Share it with your friends. Raise awareness in your social circles about the issue, and look for ways to make Kapiti more comfortable for all.

Business owners, this is a great opportunity to show that your place is friendly to all customers. Be it by having accessible pathways and most importantly by providing a mindful and attentive service. Send us information about how you take accessibility in mind and you’ll be on the website. That simple!

Do you provide any special service or are part of a group or organisation and want to have a voice on this issue? You are most welcome.

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Free dog

Ian from Waikanae

Who is this giving away a old poodle that has relyed on your care since day 1,,wow you are a low life,,this dog has unconditional love for you whatever mood your in but for some reason you going to give it away,,well you need a slap into next week to wake up,,how dare you give away your pet,,I'm currently trying to message you but cause some STUPID ERROR IN NEIGHBOURLY I cant,,you pulled on some strings that one should not tug on so watch out,,have you heard of CARMA,you going to get a whole lot of bad coming your way...poor dog...I have aging dog too,I wont be giving her away though,,if I was not waiting for emergency housing I would get for companion for my aging dog,
..................I A N.............

1 day ago


Raylene from Paekakariki

Look for off cuts of greenstuff insulation.Has anyone got some they want to get rid off.Thanks

2 days ago

Where are you renting?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Trade Me's latest figures show Wellington's median rent has topped $600 for the first time. But if you go further afield it's not much better, with the region sitting at $580, and areas like Upper Hutt, Porirua and Kāpiti Coast seeing huge increases in inquiries. Where are you choosing to rent these days?