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Coasters Musical Theatre presents.........

Derek Cavanagh from Coasters Musical Theatre

Hi Neighbours
If your family or your club or group is looking for an inexpensive evening of pre-Christmas entertainment, very affordable and close to home, come along to Coasters Musical Theatre's next production, "Just Three Seasons To Christmas".
At $20 a ticket you can treat the whole family to a great evening out at under a hundy and no long drive home.

Call Derek 905 3823 for personal, neighbourly attention.

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1 day ago

Fair play or bureaucracy gone mad?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

A Waikanae cafe owner has been told she has to move a picnic table off the public walkway outside her business, or pay for a licence.
Take a look at the attached story and let us know what you think. Is it a fair request from the council or a step too far?

1 day ago

What's your preferred peanut butter?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Premium and alternative nut butters - like Wellington's Fix and Fogg - have some of the highest sales growth at supermarkets nationwide. Have you made the switch to more artisan brands, or would you rather stay with the tried and true?

2 hours ago

Poll: Would you support a cull of the coast's Canada geese?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

Let's put it to the vote folks. Ahead of a story we're working on we want to know how many people would support an official council-controlled cull of the Canada geese that have made their homes in Kāpiti.
We'd also love to hear if you have any other ideas that might address people's concerns about the birds- please let us know in the comments.

Would you support a cull of the coast's Canada geese?
  • 70% Yes
    70% Complete
  • 23.3% No
    23.3% Complete
  • 6.7% I'm undecided
    6.7% Complete
30 votes