67 days ago

Caravan parking

Peter from Paraparaumu

Heya guys girls and those who have yet to decide.

I'm in a real pickle where I have my caravan parked goes on the market in January. I have to have relocated by then. So if anyone would like a bit of extra cash in hand for having this; Peace loving, hard working, rainbow (and all walks of life) friendly park his fully self contained mobile home on their property please message me asap.

Nb price negotiable.

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12 hours ago

Poll: E-scooters: should they stay or should they go?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Wellington is in a spin over e-scooters, with the city council receiving nearly 5000 submissions ahead of a decision on whether 800 electric scooters, operated by Uber-owned Jump and local startup Flamingo, will stay on the streets for the duration of an 18-month trial. What do you want to happen to the e-scooters?

E-scooters: should they stay or should they go?
  • 16% Keep them, they're great
    16% Complete
  • 44.3% Keep them, but with better rules and enforcement
    44.3% Complete
  • 37.8% Get rid of them
    37.8% Complete
  • 1.5% Not sure
    1.5% Complete
  • 0.3% Other (comment below)
    0.3% Complete
592 votes
1 day ago

Suphites in Bread

Marie from Waikanae

Several month ago (161 days ago to be exact, but don't ask me to do the math on that) I posted a message sharing how disappointed I was to find that Countdown bread contains Sulphites. As this substance is linked to bowel cancer I wondered about the wisdom of putting it in our bread. Or anything else for that matter. Since then Countdown has changed its bread labeling, putting at the end of the label (who actually reads this) that it MIGHT contain Sulphites. I'm now even more disappointed in Countdown. Their sneaky bread labeling is downright devious. Telling someone the product might contain a chemical is just not informative. How can one make an informed purchasing decision when the product may or may not have the chemical they are seeking to avoid? Why should food producers be able to get away with this? If the brand is produced on the same production line as other foods containing sulphites, but doesn't actually have sulphites added, this should be stated. Maybe they are making bacon with sulphites added along with the bread, but somehow I doubt it. So, come on Countdown, how about coming clean on this, what's the real story here?

1 hour ago

SeniorNet Kapiti Open Days This Week.

The Team from SeniorNet Kapiti Inc

Do you (or a friend, neighbour or family member) sometimes struggle to cope with your laptop, PC, new phone or tablet? Maybe the upgrade to Windows 10 has thrown you a curve ball? Are you still nervous about signing up for Internet Banking? Maybe you've never done much computing and need to start with the basics? Or are you a regular user and just want to learn how to get the most out of your device?

We deal with these issues all the time at SeniorNet and our friendly Tutors are always willing to go the extra mile to help. With a comprehensive program of courses and workshops coming up in Term 1 2020, now is the time to take action!

If you or someone you know could do with some IT help, please come along to Coastalands tomorrow
Tuesrsday (9am-4pm) or The Learning Centre on Saturday (10am-2pm) and talk to one of our Tutors about how SeniorNet Kapiti can help.