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Fire Works

Velma from Gate Pa

It's time for a change:

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Tauranga Water Restrictions

Communications from Tauranga City Council

As water usage has been extreme and the forecast is hot and dry, a sprinkler ban has now been put in place for our city.

From today, the use of all sprinklers and irrigation systems is banned until further notice.

You can still water your garden, by hand, between 5 and 8AM and 7 and 10PM.

For more information and tips on conserving water visit tauranga.govt.nz/savingwater

Let’s make every drop count.

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Get a free quote today

Devan Devaroyan from Smart Express Tauranga

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Poll: A Comfortable Mattress: Luxury Or Necessity?

Beds 4 U Tauranga

A good and comfortable mattress is often related to luxury but is it more of a necessity? Your entire day, behavior towards other people and even your performance at your work depends on how good you sleep. A comfortable mattress helps you get sound sleep, and that brings a lot of positive changes in every part of your life. Read the full blog on our website: beds4u.co.nz...

A Comfortable Mattress: Luxury Or Necessity?
  • 13.9% Luxury
    13.9% Complete
  • 85.2% Necessity
    85.2% Complete
  • 0.9% Not Sure
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115 votes