40 days ago

Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Kelson based photographer Andrew Gorrie took this picture of a group of tūī . Did you know a flock of tūī is an ecstasy or a battery of tūī?

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15 hours ago

One rule for them........

Marie from Waikanae

No surprises here then that one of Nationals golden boys has been unmasked as a bully who severely beat a younger boy at his school. This was no schoolyard tiff. It was a vicious beating, reportedly using bed legs as clubs to injure the boy. Was Uffindell just too young to be charged with GBH, or was he, as a member of a privileged set, let off lightly and the whole incident hushed up?
Even more amazing is Uffindell's response today. He has spent most of the morning minimizing his actions with the media and sees no reason why he shouldn't stay on in the job. In a performance worthy of the president of Brazil, hes insisting it "was only a little bit of a bashing". Why anyone would consider voting for these thugs is beyond me.

It is this culture of schoolyard bullying that has underscored the National Party's policy on welfare. They are still content to attack those who are the most vulnerable members of our society, indulge in name calling such as "bottom feeders" and roll out the punitive action for anyone who steps out of line. In addition young people in need of job seeker assistance, must deal with organizations deemed worthy by National. Those in the National "pull yer socks up" club, rather than the somewhat more impartial services existing within our government structure. If you are a young person unfortunate enough to have to go to one of these meetings. Don't go alone.

3 days ago

SPCA Pet of the Day: Meet Button

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Meet Button.

"Hey, I'm Button. I am a very handsome and lovable boy. I am a huge love bug and absolutely adore everyone that I meet. I would love to go to my new home where there is someone around for most parts of the day as I thrive on companionship and don't really like being by myself. I love playing with my toys and chasing them around my room. I would be okay going to a home with young children as they will be able to play with me, but they should know when to give me time and space to myself when I need it, and of course to be respectful of me. I would also be okay going to a home with another cat as I also really love feline companionship just as much as my humans. I would also be okay going to a home that has a calm and cat friendly dog. I do have a medical waiver that my new family will need to be made aware of but we can chat about this when you meet me."

9 hours ago

Food Recall: Algota brand Sesame Tahini, Halvah Tahini and Halvah with Pistachio

James from Waikanae

This recall has been extended to include additional products - Algota brand Halvah Tahini and Algota brand Halvah with Pistachio due to the possible presence of Salmonella. Affected products should not be consumed.

READ MORE: www.mpi.govt.nz...